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Attracting success whether it is the relationship, lifestyle, money, or creative outlet you desire, is not limited by your origins or your current financial position. You can enjoy a high quality of life with satisfying relationships, plentiful resources, and live out your potential right now with Dan Kuschell™. Wondering how you can do this? With a step-by-step practical approach, Dan Kuschell™ can help you take action to begin living the life you have always wanted. Start now with a mentor like Dan Kuschell™ who can guide you along your path to success.


In the Prosperity Based Living program, Dan Kuschell™ offers his insight and proven strategies for attracting wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Why wait to start living the life you want? Transform the quality of your life with Dan Kuschell™.


Begin with follow specific steps outlined in Dan Kuschell’s Prosperity Based Living program. Follow this by leveraging tools and resources to amplify your results.



You can improve every aspect of your life to attract the success you desire, whether you want to improve your communication style, nurture relationships, express your creative potential, or achieve monetary independence.




Dan Kuschell™ is a well known marketer. Just like anyone else Dan Kuschell™ is aware of all the scams that there are online and off-line. Many of these scams are very well known but some other are very new tricky and this makes them harder to spot.

Dan Kuschell™ will like to alert you about scams whether they are by mail, e-mail, a website, etc. That is why Dan Kuschell™ has created a list of guidelines and safety tips to protect you from scam.


Dan Kuschell™ Scam Alarm


One of the most known scams that we know about is the “please send me your bank account and I will transfer $XXX “. Even Dan Kuschell™ has received those! In this scam a person contacts you and after telling you a story of how honorable they are, they also let you know that they have in their power a big amount of money that they need to transfer quickly from a far away country to you. The scam is based on getting information from you which later the scammers can use to either steal your identity, or do more felonies using your name and personal information. This scam is probably as old as e-mail itself but nevertheless we all have gotten at least 1 of those scam e-mails or have even read it.


When you are facing an e-mail like this please delete it immediately. Again, scam mails are very popular and they are always striving to be more convincing and enticing. The scam works when they say just the right words that will make your defenses so down and make you believe It is real. Many people have already fallen for this scam and many more continue to do so. That is why scammers continue using this technique. If there were no people falling for this scam, then these scam e-mails would not get sent.


When this scam e-mail gets sent, it doesn’t just get sent to you. This scam letter is send to thousands or even millions of people all over the world. Scammers are counting on big numbers and they go thru great length to try to get your name and e-mail. Many times this scam e-mail just sent over and over with different name and e-mail combinations until the scam letter reaches a real reader.


Again, scammers will go thru great lengths to make their scam work.


Words of advice from Dan Kuschell: Scam Is Out There! Do not respond to unknown e-mail. Scam e-mails look real.


Dan Kuschell™ Says "Don't Fall For Scam”


Recommend reading by Dan Kuschell: read this before joining or paying for a "Get Rich Quick" Program or a Home Based Business. Beware there are many programs that are scams out there but Dan Kuschell™ can guide you into finding one that is not a scam. Dan Kuschell™ is an expert marketer who can help you find out if a program is a scam or the real deal!.


Dan Kuschell™ can tell you: "I've Spent Years 'Digging Deep' Into Most Every Program Out and Looking out for scam. Here are My Findings...”


This is what Dan Kuschell™ found out: Wouldn't it be nice to make a ton of money with minimal effort from? That is a great idea. Unfortunately many bad people have taken this concept and turned it into a scam.


Dan Kuschell™ knows that you would love to have more time with my family and have tens of thousands of dollars flowing into my bank account each month working only a few hours a week from the comfort of my own home, no boss looking over my shoulder.


Is this really possible? or is all a scam? Is there a way to make a ton of money on the internet with little work and a low investment that is not a scam? Or even a high investment if the return is high enough to rationalize it? We certainly have been told that there are by the hundreds of so-called marketing "gurus" on the internet that turn out to be scam.


Dan Kuschell™ has learned over the last 5 years that 99% of these prgrams are total scams. They are mere scams and schemes that prey on the hopes and dreams of people. You or someone you know, may have fallen prey to some of these scam artists, convincing you to buy their latest "get rich quick" scam.
Dan Kuschell™ can recall many times trying out these programs to see if they offered real value or where scams. After some time of being duped by their marketing scam Dan Kuschell™ got FED UP!


Finally, Dan Kuschell™ decided to do something about these scams. Dan Kuschell™ decided to get to the bottom of this rich quick scams and home based businesses and find out if there are any LEGITIMATE programs out there for making money.


This is the information that Dan Kuschell™ found out about the scams:


  • Outdated Information
  • No real support
  • Products. (Many of them didn't even have any real products, they just wanted you to recruit new people into the business)
  • Links that were supposed to give me all kinds of info turned out to be dead and sent me nowhere
  • There weren't any real opportunities to achieve a full-time income right away
  • Zero Customer Service, once you part with your money your left hanging out to dry all by yourself
  • A lack of any detailed information, all generalities, no specifics

Dan Kuschell™ quickly realized that these so-called Get Rich Quick and Home Based Businesses were totally scams.


Surprisingly enough, Dan Kuschell™ did find some programs that are run by real business owners that put real money in your pocket each month and were NOT SCAMS. These programs actually have a huge percentage of their membership actually making money.


Dan Kuschell™ discovered that the owners of these programs are real people who are really interested in helping you make money. The websites are packed with information and the products are filled with money making information. Dan Kuschell™ contacted some of the people that used these programs and they were all in fact making money, some of them were making $20,000 and more per month and some were making a few hundred extra dollars each and every month.