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Dan Kuschell™


A master at motivating business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals, Dan Kuschell™ is a sales and marketing expert who has successfully mentored over one hundred thousand people on their pathway to self-fulfillment and maximizing profit margins. Dan Kuschell™ is committed to uplifting people by teaching them the strategies, steps, and resources necessary to achieve the success they want.


With every company and business idea, Dan Kuschell™ explores and studies the business to understand its core strengths and then offers strategies tailored to overcome existing obstacles, build a strong foundation, and amplify sales.


Considered one of the most successful Internet marketers, Dan Kuschell™ hosts a weekly radio show on NBC sponsored by his parent company A Champion Vision, Inc. and provides all of his students with access to numerous resources, seminars, books, and educational materials. A member of the Better Business Bureau and the Information Marketers Association, A Champion Vision, Inc. market and distributes the Prosperity Based Living system.


Dan did not start out with all of his ducks in a row. Raised in the inner city of Detroit, Dan’s first ambition was to be a pro baseball player but when he did not achieve the level of success he desired, he turned to business instead and put his mind to work. It would take him several years before he gained his footing and went on to achieve remarkable success.


As Dan mastered the strategies for his own financial freedom, he was able to replicate his method of success again and again, reaping in profits with huge margins. Today, Dan is no longer a struggling entrepreneur but a multimillionaire.

Dan Kuschell™ works with companies and individuals to master these proven strategies and techniques that will amplify and leverage their sales and income. Recognizing special considerations and different goal objectives of companies and individuals, Dan tailors his programs and consulting accordingly.



Prosperity In Every Aspect

Financial freedom is a significant factor in the overall health and happiness of the individual. However prosperity also includes the enjoyment of a healthy and high quality of life, fulfilling relationships, and the ability to achieve and harness one’s potential. Dan Kuschell™ recognizes the importance of having prosperity in all aspects of a person’s life. Through his Prosperity Based Living program, Dan inspires and uplifts people to identify their strengths, improve their relationships, achieve desired objectives, and create goals for the long term.


Access to Prosperity Resources


Learn Dan Kuschell’s insights and practice the strategies he has road-tested himself to turn millions over in profit while achieving your goals for monetary independence.

In his books A Champion in the Making and Walking With the Wise, two inspiring and internationally acclaimed works that share the insights of highly successful and well respected business leaders such as Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, and others, Dan shares his journey along the path to success. 

Dan’s Prosperity Based Living Course empowers people to achieve incredible business success quickly, leverage sales for more profits, and develop the internal focus necessary for long lasting success.



Positive Strategies At Work


For Dan Kuschell™, his teaching and way of life are inseparable. Dan practices the positive strategies he explains in his weekly NBC radio show, books, seminars, and Prosperity Based Living system course on a daily basis. One of the most respected experts on amplifying sales to leverage large profit margins, Dan Kuschell™ inspires people to take action to achieve the financial success they want right away.


Learn how to overcome obstacles and limitations, attract abundance and wealth, increase your income, and accelerate your profits by practicing the positive strategies taught by Dan Kuschell™.