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More Testimonials


We have included additional testimonials from students of Dan Kuschell’s prosperity programs.




“What an incredible weekend.  I so appreciate your giving hearts and your commitment to serving Life.  I am inspired by your energy up in front of a room.  In the words of Austin Powers, “Yeah, Baby!"


- Lawrence Katzman, Los Angeles, CA



“It was awesome! Very enlightening and powerful. The way you put it all together, just made more sense!  I love it! Thanks for making a difference Dan, thanks for sharing with me and others. You are truly a blessing and gift from God.”


- Deb Thompson, Wealth Alliance, Phoenix, AZ



“Dan just explodes with energy and enthusiasm for the topic.  He really gets right to the essence of the topic and makes it easy for the listeners to understand.  Dan is a complete professional and is a joy to work with.”


- Yanik Silver, Internet expert



“Dan Kuschell™ can teach you how to make millions of dollars… teach you how to be successful… on one side you can be successful at a career and even in your life.”


- Chemina Levine, Student



“I increased my income by over $53,647 in the last several months as a result of this program. If you're serious about success, they give you the combination to unlock the keys to success.”


- Paul Sethi, Entrepreneur



“I increased my income by over $104,237 in less than 6 months working with these ideas.”


- John P, Phoenix, AZ 



 “Thank you so much for your inspiration.  As a goal coach, I often push people quite hard - and I push myself even harder.  Your insights have made me sit back and take stock for a second.  I will be rethinking how I present the 'achievement' portion of my program.  Keep up the good work!”    


- Mindy Gibbins-Klein, Life Coach, United Kingdom