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Radio Shows


Accelerate your earning potential, improve your relationships, and learn how to tap into your best energy by listening to the weekly broadcast of Dan Kuschell’s A Champion in the Making Radio Show. Every week, Danprovides practical advice and offers select interviews with some of the industry’s leading experts on sales and marketing. A Champion in the Making Radio Show is highly inspirational, motivating individuals and entrepreneurs to incorporate positive entrepreneurs, sales personnel, and individuals who want to make positive changes in their lives.


Every week you can tune in for valuable insight from top business leaders. Dan also gives away gifts on the show every week valued at $500 or more. All listeners can also receive a Prosperity Audit and Financial Freedom Consultation from one of Dan Kuschell’s advisors.


Give us a call at (602) 241-2639 to receive your consultation to learn strategies that will accelerate your sales up to fifteen times.